I originally studied photography in the early 1990’s and, I quickly discovered that it was my work with children that was most enjoyable and successful. Following the birth of first child in 1998, photography went on the back burner, although I did continue to photograph family events, friends children and, of course, my gorgeous baby!  A few years later, after having my second baby, I decided to take the plunge and start my own business. So, on St David’s Day, 2006 I launched my business and I haven’t looked back. Since then the business has grown and, along with children's photography, I'm pleased to be photographing weddings, nurseries, events and lots more.  

I believe that the best images are achieved in a comfortable and familiar setting so, I take photos in your home or at a chosen location – somewhere where your child can truly be themselves  I don’t work from a studio or bring any studio equipment with me. It’s just me and my camera. This enables me to work in a very unobtrusive manner, capturing all those moments and expressions that come between “the camera smile”

I love my photographs to tell a story and to capture a moment in time. So, my style is thoughtful and reflective. I produce images that are intimate and natural, that are full of life and yet, artistically refined. Think of them as your own reality - just a little prettier. 

I love my job and I believe the right picture can make us fall in love all over again. 

Katie Barrett Photography


029 2061 0987 - 07980 679880

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