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Back in April during the first lockdown I decided to grab my camera and venture out of the house because I wanted to create a series of photographs that depicted how people around my town were dealing with being cooped up with their families - or sometimes alone, I also wanted to see how much joy I could spread as a photographer. Cardiff has been my home all my life so I wanted to get to know my neighbours a little better and see how they were coping with lockdown.

Photographer in Cardiff - Doorstep Photography Series
One of the families I visited during my Doorstep Photography Series.

This year has been strange for everyone and something most people will be happy to forget in a heartbeat, but I think otherwise, let's not forget these moments, we will want to look back on these times in the future and treasure every laugh and tear and appreciate the people around us even more.

I was fortunate enough to be featured on the BBC website which you can read here.

Hopefully, we're all out of all the different types of lockdowns the government can throw at us, which means that Doorstep Photography is no longer needed but, if you would like to book any other type of shoot do get in contact!

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